Plaster boarding

Ideal for a new layout

Plaster boarding for ceilings & dividing walls

RenoMa Operations carries out plaster boarding in newly-built houses and in renovated houses of private individuals and companies.

We specialise in installing dividing walls and suspended ceilings, but many other options are possible as well. Think of creating bedrooms in your attic or creating separate archive and copy rooms at the office.

Curious about the possibilities with Gyproc?

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A versatile material that insulates your spaces

Why Gyproc?

Gyproc is a very versatile material. Not only can it be installed quickly and easily, it is also sound-damping and fire-resistant.

Moreover, we can combine Gyproc boards with an insulating intermediate layer (consisting of rock wool or another insulating material).

Afterwards, we finish the boards with a layer of plaster, so that you can easily paint or wallpaper them.