Materials such as rock wool, glass wool & PUR boards

Insulation for a lower energy bill

You can save a lot of money on your energy bill with well-placed insulation. RenoMa Operations insulates both newly-built houses and renovated houses by using various materials. We work with:

For insulation, your project is in good hands with RenoMa Operations!

In need of high-quality insulation?

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Insulating walls, floors & roofs

Certified contractor for insulation

First, we visit you to discuss your plans. Afterwards, we get to work carefully in order to guarantee pleasant living conditions. We insulate walls, floors and roofs.

When it comes to walls, we take care of both interior and exterior walls. After all, we are a certified contractor to insulate exterior walls along the inside.

As far as floors are concerned, we even insulate the floors between different storeys. From an insulating foundation to solid roof insulation, we make sure your home or commercial building is neatly insulated!